HOW TO Redeem Google Play Gift Card NEPAL the US

Google Play store’s gift cards are regionalized; that means the gift cards are country specific and only can be redeemed on that specific country’s Play Store. provides customers gift cards from US store so they will have to access US Play Store in order to redeem those cards.
The process to access the US store is quite easy; Just a few steps and you are ready to move

  1. First of all, go to Google play store on any android device.
  2. Then after you will need to download an app; “Hotspot Shield”
  3. Now, after the app is ready, go to settings and clear data+cache of the “Play Store App”. This is to remove the existing location data of your currently running gmail account.
  4. Then, launch “Hotspot Shield” and connect with location as US, which will be clearly shown in app.
  5. After that, go to Play Store again, every apps, games, will be priced in dollars($) which means you are no longer in Nepalese Store.
  6. Now, sign up and create an account, it will use country as US.
  7. You are done.
  8. Now you can redeem the card and enjoy all paid apps, games, movies, music, in-app purchases and all.
    Do not forget!

Do not visit the Play Store without enabling Hostspot Shield

Do not login to gmail or other google services without enabling Hotspot Shield

  1. second go
  2. Edit payment acount
  3. then change country usa
  4. Now, sign up and create an account, it will use country as US.
    You are done.

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